Macedonia to get its own gas pipeline courtesy of Stroytransgaz

Macedonia to get its own gas pipeline: Stroytransgaz has announced that it is planning to build a new pipeline through the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to  give the Balkans access to Russian gas now that the South Stream project has been shelved. The Klechovtse-Negotino pipeline will cost about $75 million, $15m of which will be put up by the  government in Skopje with the remaining $60 million being  deducted from the debt owed by the former Soviet Union to the constituent states of what was once Yugoslavia. Construction work could begin as early as this month with the first stage 61 km stage leading to the town of Stip. The pipeline will eventually be extended another 60 km to connect to Greece’s gas transit system. At the moment, Macedonia receives gas from Russia via Bulgaria as part of the transit through Ukraine.

Source: rbth