Nemtsov killing could have been meant as a warning to Putin, analysts suggest

Boris Nemtsov

Nemtsov killing: Some analyst are suggesting that the murder of Russian opposition figure Boris Nemtsov within sight of the Kremlin was meant as a message to President Vladimir Putin that  opposition to his rule is growing. “I think that perhaps Putin, was sincerely bewildered and even afraid,” Vadim Prokhorov, Nemtsov’s lawyer, said of the hours after the Feb. 27 shooting. “Because if you can do that next to the Kremlin, then is it not possible to do it along the route of the (presidential) motorcade?” he told Reuters. Over the past week  rumours about concerning Putin’s recent absence from the public eye; in the last seven  days he has missed several meetings  (including the regular  Federal Security Service briefing  and has also cancelled a visit to Kazakhstan to see the presidents of Kazakhstan and Belarus. 

Source: reuters