New Russian law sanctions retaliatory seizure of foreign assets

Seizure of foreign assets: Russia’s upper chamber of parliament has approved a bill which gives its courts the power to seize the assets of foreign governments in retaliation to similar seizures of Russian assets abroad. The law will not come into force until it is signed off by President Vladimir Putin.
Under current legislation, Russian courts cannot seize assets belonging to foreign governments but, according to Deputy Justice Minister Dmitry Aristov, the introduction of the new  law had become a priority following a number of “illegal” actions against Russia and its property overseas. 
Russian assets were recently  seized in Belgium and France after the arbitration court in The Hague ordered Russia to pay $50 billion in compensation to former shareholders oil firm Yukos, which was dismembered in the mid 2000s after its owner, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, was jailed on charges of tax evasion. Russia refused to comply.
Other Russian assets frozen abroad include
some belonging to state-run news agencies TASS and Rossiya Segodnya.