North Korea plans cross-border tourism zone with Russia and China

Tumen River Delta and Bridge

North Korea plans cross-border tourism zone:  Officials from China, Russia and North Korea are discussing the possibility of setting up an international tourism zone in the Tumen River Delta at the intersection of the three country’s borders.  Considered bythe United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to be one Asia’s last great investment opportunities on account of its strategic location, its rich natural resource and its access to international markets via the Pacific Ocean and the Trans Siberian Railway, the delta has for some time been seen as a major investment opportunity by the government in Pyonyang especially. This latest attempt  to exploit its potential as a tourist destination was first put forward by the local authorities in Jilin Province’s Hunchun city in 2013 and officials are looking at the possibility of setting up a duty-free zone that would in the long run also have transport links to South Korea, Japan and Mongolia.