Putin orders launch of ‘Russian Alibaba’ e-commerce aggregator site

On the orders of President Putin,  Russia’s Ministry of Economy has drafted plans for the development of a ‘Russian Alibaba‘  e-commerce aggregator site to boost domestic and cross-border online sales of Russian goods. The site would  act as a one-stop shop for several existing Russian e-commerce sites including Yandex, Yulmart and Wikimart.
In a document entitled 
E-commerce as a driver of development stakeholders in small and medium-sized businesses in the domestic and foreign markets  that was published this week, the Ministry lays out its plans for  a “single exporter environment” that  would provide the customs, logistics, information, payment, credit, insurance and other services necessary for the sale of goods through e-commerce both at home and abroad. 
According to the Ministry, only around 16,000 or 0.28% of Russia’s 5.6 million SMEs manage to export any of their goods while the domestic and export online markets are currently worth around $11bn and $3bn respectively. 

Source: Kommersant