Putin sanctions destruction of embargoed food imports

Destruction of embargoed food imports: As from August 6, all  agricultural products, food and raw materials reaching Russia’s borders that are discovered to be  subject to its retaliatory import ban and are to be destroyed, under the terms of a decree signed off by President Putin earlier this week.
Putin’s decisions comes after numerous incidents in recent months when the Russian authorities have accused importers from countries not affected by its ban on EU food goods of passing off food and foodstuffs from listed countries as their own.  The call for the right to destroy such goods was first made last week by Agriculture Minister Alexander Tkachev with the support of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.
“The provisions of this Decree shall not apply to goods imported by individuals for personal use or placed under the customs procedure of customs transit and transported to third countries, provided that the authenticity of the veterinary and phytosanitary accompanying documents,” –  a document posted on the Kremlin website elaborated.
Source: KP