Putin signs up to Turkish Stream

The new axis that has been developing between Istanbul and Moscow in recent months appeared to strengthen even further yesterday when President Vladimir Putin signed a bill ratifying the construction of the Turkish Stream pipeline that will eventually carry  natural gas  from Russia under the Black Sea to Thrace on Turkey’s border with Greece.
Turkish Stream will consist of two lines, the first of which will supply Turkey’s domestic market, while the second will be used to transport Russian gas to Western Europe.  910km of the pipelines’ route will run along the bed of the Black Sea with a further 180km to be laid overground across the Turkish mainland.
The pipeline has had a chequered history. Initially conceived as an alternative to the South Stream project that was due to hit land in Bulgaria, but which Russia abandoned under pressure from the EU, the project looked to be literally dead in the water after relations between Presidents Putin and Erdogan fell to an all-time low following the shooting down of a Russian jet over the Turkish-Syrian border in November 2015.
Ties between the two countries have, however, improved dramatically since the Russian intelligence services reportedly tipped their Turkish counterparts off about last summer’s failed military coup, and Russia and Turkey have now emerged as the principle deal brokers in the Syrian conflict, despite supporting opposite sides. 
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Source: tass