Queensland LNG plant threat to Siberia’s Asian sales

Methane Rita Andrea, carrying LNG from Queensland

Queensland LNG plant: A new liquefied natural gas plant in Australia could threatens Siberia’s dominance as an LNG supplier to Asia, analysts are warning. While construction  is well under way at the Yamal plant in Russia’s Far East, the LNG carrier Methane Rita Andrea  left the LNG plant on Curtis Island headed for China earlier this month with 60,000 metric tonnes  on board. The gas was destined for  China’s state-owned CNOOC, the Australian company’s largest customer.The plant at Queensland is the world’s first facility to process coal seam gas, and it is expected to have an annual output of about eight million metric tonnes. It is the fourth LNG site  in Australia, with six more planned, and analysts say the country could provide a fierce competitor for operators in Yamal. The Siberian Times