Renova signs $2bn herbicide plant deal at Volga-Yangtze meet

Russia’s  Renova  has signed an agreement with two Chinese companies for the construction of a $2bn herbicide plant in the Volga Federal District’s Republic of Chuvashia. The agreement was cemented at the Volga-Yangtze trade convention that is taking place this week in the city of  Cheng-tu in China’s southwest 
The convention also saw around 10 cooperation arrangements being set up at a regional level and about the same number of major  commercial agreements and contracts being ratified between private sector representatives. The public-sector accords included cooperation agreements between Tatarstan and Szechuan; Perm and Anhui; and Penza and Hubei. The Republic of Mordovia also signed agreements with both  Chungking and the Hubei.
Along with the herbicide plant, one of the the most significant private-sector deals concluded was  for the  construction of a $782m cement plant in Russia’s Ulyanovsk Region. Other contracts signed off were in the machine building, automotive, machine tool, petrochemical and agricultural sectors.
The Volga-Yangtze Project was launched in 2013 to facilitate the transfer of ideas in academia, industry and culture between the two industrial regions.