Restrictions on alcohol advertising may be lifted in anti-crisis drive

Alexei Volin Deputy Minister of Communications Russia

Restrictions on alcohol advertising: Russia’s Deputy Minister of Communications and Mass Media Alexei Volin yesterday called for restrictions on the advertising of alcohol to be lifted as part of a package of initiatives to help the country’s media sector to ride out the current economic crisis. Volin also called for the ban on the advertising of  prescription medicines and dietary supplements to be lifted; for advertisements to be permitted on children’s radio and TV channels; and for the introduction of teleshopping.
In 2012, as  part of a campaign to reduce alcoholism, the Russian government introduced a widespread ban on television, radio, the Internet, public transport and billboards, as well as in stadiums and within 100 meters of sports facilities. The edict was partly rescinded last year when it was decreed that beer ads would be allowed in Russian stadiums, print media and television — but only until  the end of 2018, the year Russia hosts the FIFA World Cup. 

Source: Gazeta