Rouble collapse brings down Russian tourism costs with it

St Petersburg

Rouble collapse brings down Russian tourism costs: The dramatic devaluation of the rouble has had an equally significant impact on the cost of visiting what have  in recent times been some of Europe’s most expensive cities. According to the Europe Backpacker Index for 2015, St Petersburg is now the tenth cheapest popular tourist destination in Europe, while it is now cheaper to visit Moscow than Ibiza, Rome or Edinburgh. According to the index, the 20 cheapest European cities to visit are: 

  1. Kiev
  2. Bucharest
  3. Sofia
  4. Krakow
  5. Belgrade
  6. Warsaw
  7. Sarajevo
  8. Budapest
  9. Cesky Krumlov
  10. St Petersburg
  11. Riga
  12. Zagreb
  13. Vilnius
  14. Bratislava
  15. Istanbul
  16. Split
  17. Prague
  18. Ljubljana
  19. Tenerife
  20. Moscow
Source: Rosbalt