Russia grounds Boeing 737s

Russia grounds Boeing 737s : Russia’s airline regulator, the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC), said  it was suspending flying certificates for Boeing 737s in use in the country until it receives notification that the planes are safe to fly. The IAC, which oversees the use and management of civil aviation across the CIS, said that the suspension would remain in effect until it received notification from the Russian aviation watchdog Rosaviatsia and the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) about the safety of Boeing 737 control surfaces on the tail that helps steer it.
The IAC announcement came after an Airbus A321  crashed in Egypt on Saturday and killed 224 people. However, the statement did not make a link between the certificate suspension and the crash in Egypt. The IAC could not be reached for further comment.
There are about 200 Boeing 737s in Russiaor about a fifth of a total fleet, both passenger and cargo. Late on Thursday, the FAA released a statement noting Russia’s concern about the tail control surfaces dated back to a crash in 2013 of a 737 operated by Tatarstan Airlines that killed all 50 people on board.

Source: theguardian