Russia and Iran in talks over Sukhoi Superjet sales

Sukhoi Superjet 100

Russia has begun negotiations with Tehran over the  possible sale of aircraft and aviation technology, including a number of  Sukhoi Superjet passenger planes, Russia’s Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov said yesterday. The 108-seat Sukhoi Superjet is the first new airliner Russia has developed since the fall of the Soviet Union, and Iran’s civil aviation market is seen as being able to provide a much-needed boost in sales  for the new model, which is struggling to compete with  Boeing and Airbus, even in Russia’s domestic market.
For its part, Iran, meanwhile, is desperate for new airliners; due to the long-standing international trade sanctions that were lifted this week, some of Iran’s airlines are still flying planes purchased before the 1979 revolution and which have been subject to a number of fatal accidents.
In March, President Vladimir Putin announced that Sukhoi’s parent company, United Aircraft Corporation would receive an RUB 100bn ($1.8bn) capital injection specifically intended to help  boost Superjet production.