Russia invests in Hyperloop One as lawsuits threaten to derail project

Hyperloop One: The possibility of  the overland journey time between  Vladivostok and Moscow being slashed from 6 days to under 24 hours grew marginally last month after the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), the state-run organisation tasked with developing some of the country’s largest infrastructure projects, announced that it had become an investor in the ground-breaking Hyperloop One project. 
The brainchild of South African-born Canadian-American business magnate, engineer and inventor and Space X founder Elon Musk,  Hyperloop One  envisions sending passengers on levitating pods through partially pressurized tubes at more than 700mph. Formerly called Hyperloop Technologies, Hyperloop One raised more than $100m in initial funding from a number of international venture companies including Sherpa Ventures, Formation8 and ZhenFund before raising a further $80m from a total of 137 investors including  the  French state-run rail company SNCF and GE Ventures earlier in the year. 
“Our investment in Hyperloop One will provide access to leading technologies for the Russian market,” said RDIF General Director Kirill Dmitriev. “Together with its international partners, RDIF will support the project not only on Russian territory but also in the Middle East and Far East markets. We are now speaking to Russian Railways about the first pilot projects and hope that in the very near future we will be testing this technology in Russia.” 
Hyperlook senior management team Pishevar, Lloyd and BambroganIn recent weeks, however, deep divisions between  company founders Brogan BramBrogan and Shervin Pishevar have resulted in legal action and threaten to derail the project, at least temporarily.
A group of executives lead by BramBrogan are  accusing  the Pishevar camp of  financial mismanagement and harassment, including leaving a noose at BamBrogan’s desk as a threat. They, in turn, are 
accusing Brogan of erratic and hostile behaviour.
“BamBrogan had become increasingly disruptive to the company with his profane, erratic, sexist, and inebriated outbursts toward management, fellow employees, and outside consultants, including screaming in the face of a [female] coworker for no rational reason, punching a wall, and breaking a beer bottle,” according to extracts from the lawsuit leaked to CNN Money.

Source: rbth