Russia softens stance towards South Stream gas pipeline

 South Stream: With the deterioration of its relations with Ankara  effectively putting paid to the idea of the Turkish Stream pipeline carrying Russian gas through Turkey to Europe,  Moscow may revisit the alternative South Stream option running through Bulgaria, its permanent representative to the EU Vladimir Chizhov said this week. 
With a planned capacity of 67 bcm, the South Stream pipeline was scheduled  to run  from Russia to Bulgaria and from there onto Southern Europe, President Putin ordered the project to be abandoned at the end of 2014 after 
Bulgaria suspended the project  under pressure from the EU.
“Will there be a South Stream ? We will see. Maybe this project will be revived and in the near future, ” he told the Russia 24 TV channel. In a bullish interview, he also forecast that EU demand for Russian gas would only increase due to falling production in the North Sea and “problems with other sources of supply.”

Source: Kommersant