Russia threatens to retaliate if G7 steps up economic sanctions

Russia is prepared to retaliate against the G7 group of nations if they decide to step up economic sanctions, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said last week. “When it comes to sanctions, Russia has repeatedly emphasized its commitment to the principle of reciprocity,” Peskov said. “Naturally, on the basis of reciprocity, any sanction actions will not be left without an answer,” he said.
Peskov remarks were a response to comments made by U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden the day before, that the G7 was  prepared to “significantly intensify” sanctions against Russia for its continued involvement in the separatist conflict in eastern Ukraine. His comments echoed German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s statement that sanctions would  be expanded if Russia did not comply with its obligations under a Feb. 12 Minsk ceasefire agreement.