Russia ‘too slow’ to find new sources of offshore technology

Prirazlomnaya oil platform

Offshore technology: Russia was ‘too slow’ to find alternative supplies of equipment for offshore oil production  after the West imposed sanctions in the aftermath of its annexation of Crimea  Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Khloponin said last week, and is now looking to source specialist  equipment from elsewhere.
Since the imposition of sanctions, Russia’s traditional partners in the US. and Europe have been barred from working on exploration and production projects on Russia’s Arctic shelf at depths of over 150 meters.
Russia’s energy sector is also suffering from the collapse in global oil prices. “The development of offshore fields has been stalled not only by sanctions, but also by a sharp drop in oil prices,” the Managing Director of the  trust fund Ilya Buturlin  told rbth. “With the current state of the energy market, expensive development in the Arctic is simply unprofitable.” Royal Dutch Shell yesterday announced that it was pulling out of its operations off Alaska. 


Source: rbth