Russian embargo on Turkish goods spreads to textiles and auto industries

Russian embargo on Turkish goods: Russian clothing manufacturers are beginning to face a shortage of materials as the  deterioration of relations between Moscow and Ankara spreads beyond food. Although only fruit and vegetable imports are officially supposed to be affected by the sanctions imposed after a Russian plane was shot down over Syria earlier this month, trucks containing clothes  fabrics,  components used in the production of industrial machinery and equipment are now  being stopped at the border. “Soon we will have nothing to sew,” one designer said. “While sales continue, stocks are not infinite.”
Because Turkish imports account for about 6% of fabrics and 10% of garments sold in Russia, fears are growing the the ban could soon begin to fuel inflation.
The embargo is also beginning to hit the industrial machinery production sector, according to the Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Sergei Movchan, who has written to the  Federal Customs Service asking it to unblock the importation of Turkish components used by the city’s  machine-building operations, claiming that Turkish importers – especially those operating in the automotive sectore –  are facing long delays registering their goods at the borders.  “The automotive industry is one of the  St. Petersburg’s leading industries,” he said.

Source: Gazeta