Russian food shortages loom, government body warns

Russian food shortages: Russia could face a deficit of meat and dairy products next year as a direct result of its retaliatory embargo on food and raw materials imports from the EU,  according to a report from  the state-owned Audit Chamber, which is warning that there is a risk that the country’s domestic suppliers may not be able to meet demand with replacement products and raw materials. 
Russia could also face falling demand for domestic products, the report predicts, as Russian consumers are becoming increasingly unhappy with domestic versions of lower-quality alternatives for some of the upmarket goods that fall under the embargo; last month, Russia’s agricultural watchdog Rospotrebnadzor said 80% of the cheese in Russian supermarkets was substandard  because it contains a significant amount of palm oil. A recent spotcheck by the watchdog found that 25% of all dairy products in Russian shops are counterfeit.
  Russia introduced a ban on  food  and raw materials import from the EU and the US in retaliation for the sanctions imposed on Russia over its involvement in the Ukraine crisis. In June, Russia prolonged the embargo for another year in response to the extension of sanctions by Western countries.