Russian gas exports to Ukraine set to continue for at least three more yeats

Russian gas exports to Ukraine: Despite Kiev’s decision last November to stop buying gas from Russia, it appears that Gazprom plans to resume and maintain exports to its western neighbour for at least three more years, according to an internal Gazprom budget report obtained by Bloomberg News.While the Ukrainian government has pledged to cut its energy reliance on its former Soviet ally, the report indicates that  state-run gas giant plans to deliver the equivalent of as much as 41%  – between 8.8 and 14.1bcm a year – of Ukraine’s 2015 requirement – until 2018, according to its non-public budget approved in December.
Ukraine stopped importing gas from Russia three months ago, saying it was cheaper to buy it back from its allies within the EU; but sales from Gazprom and its affiliates to Ukraine and onto Western Europe  have fallen by 90% over the past decade amid pricing disputes and a contracting economy, they were still worth $1.7 bn last year. 
“A degree of skepticism is in order,” says Sijbren de Jong, an energy security analyst at the Hague Centre for Strategic Studies. “Ukraine has come a long way in reducing its dependence on Russian gas imports, a very long way, but it is not totally independent of Russia.”
In recent years, Naftogaz and Gazprom have filed claims against each other in the international arbitration courts in Stockholm for $26bn and $32bn respectively  over their gas supply and transit contracts.

Source: Bloomberg