Russian software sector to target BRICS countries as export markets

Russian software sector: Russia’s Communications  Minister Nikolai Nikiforov has spelt out his government’s intention to turn Russia into a net exporter of IT software within a decade. The Russian government was prepared to invest around RUB10bn each year for the next five to seven years, he said,  not just to help wean the sector off its dependency on Western imports, but to build up an export trade with fellow BRICS member states.
To achieve this, he is calculating that the the IT software industry would need to find a further RUB30bn investment on an annual basis. It would be a capital-intensive process, he predicted, but a necessary one; major requirements  on the domestic front include creating a database management system for use by the financial sector and the Russian government; operating systems for mobile devices and data centres; and bespoke software for several industry sectors. The government would be channel its support through its RVC ‘fund of funds’ and the Skolkovo Innovation Centre. Gazeta