TANAP alternative to South Stream project, says Russian energy chief

Alexey Grivach

TANAP alternative to South Stream: Russia is considering making use of the new Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline (TANAP) to supply gas to southern Europe instead of the South Stream pipeline,  the deputy head of its National Energy Security Fund Aleksei Grivach said this week. Because Bulgaria – under pressure from the EU  – has refused to give Russia permission to lay the pipeline across its territories, Russia is now looking at alternative distribution methods and believes that TANAP may have an excess capacity of as much as 15bn m³ a year. The Russian authorities are also considering constructing another pipeline altogether. “We are ready not only to expand the Blue Stream pipeline, but also to build another pipeline system to meet the growing needs of the Turkish economy” President Putin said on Monday.  “If this idea is considered to be expedient, we can create an additional gas hub for consumers in southern Europe in the Turkish territory on the border with Greece,” Putin said. News.az