Three quarters of Russians think country is in crisis, according to poll

Three quarters of Russians think country is in crisis: A public opinion poll of 1,600 Russian citizens over the age of 18 and conducted in 120 areas across 43 regions this February found that nearly  75%  of Russians perceive their country’s current  economic situation to be one of crisis.The poll surveyed 1,600 Russian citizens and was conducted in 120 populated areas in 43 regions of Russia.
“The first question we asked people was aimed at determining the degree of people’s concern about the situation in the country,”   said Nikolai Mironov, General Director of  the Institute of Priority Regional Projects that conducted the poll. “When asked  ‘Should the situation in the country be called a crisis, or are these problems temporary?’, 73.3% of those polled , said they saw the situation as a crisis.” This feeling of gloom was stronger among older citizens.
When asked about the the cause of the crisis, 49.3% of all recipients  blamed  “the external pressure from the West to stop Russia being a global superpower,” 43.6% blamed falling oil prices, and 34.6%  blamed inefficient economic policies.

Source: rbth