Tests of Kamaz unmanned Autorobot vehicle begin

Tests of the unmanned Autorobot vehicle being developed by  Kamaz in conjunction with Cognitive Technologies and the VIST Group are under way on a private landfill site near Moscow, the Russian truck manufacturer’s press office confirmed this week. Three levels of automation – SmartPilot, AirPilot and RoboPilot – are expected to be evaluated during the tests.
SmartPilot’s  smart assistants have been designed to help the driver in an emergency by automatically slowing a vehicle down, and the system also features an adaptive cruise control facility and an option to automatically synchronise speed with the vehicles in front.  AirPilot would enable the driver would be able to operate the vehicle remotely, while in the case of  RoboPilot the vehicle would be able to operate without a driver at all by following  a route set by given co-ordinates along a fixed route. The vehicle’s ability to navigate from data received  from cameras and GPS/GLONASS  sat nav systems is also to be tested.

Source: Interfax