Turkey files for gas price discount in new Turkish Stream twist

Turkey this week  filed a natural gas pricing claim against Gazprom, in a move that will have repercussion for talks over the terms and conditions surrounding the Turkish Stream pipeline project along the bed of the Black Sea.
State-run Botas yesterday notified Gazprom’s export arm that it would be seeking a price revision dating back to December, citing  Russian President Vladimir Putin’s  promise of a 10% discount to Botas that was made this summer before negotiations over the new pipeline stalled. 
 Botas buys about two thirds of all the gas that Russia supplies to Turkey. After Germany, the country is Gazprom’s second-largest foreign market and accounts for around $10bn in export revenues each year.  Earlier this month, Gazprom halved the size of the proposed  new link to Turkey, as tensions between Ankara and Moscow with Russia’s involvement in the Syrian conflict.
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