Turkey gives Gazprom green light for Turkish Stream survey

Turkish Stream pipeline

Turkish Stream survey: The government in Ankara has granted Gazprom official permission to conduct an engineering survey on the off-shore section of the proposed route of the Turkish Stream pipeline, the Russian gas company announced yesterday. 
The underwater stretch of the Turkish pipeline is due to consist of four lines,  each with the capacity of 15.75bn m³. The first line will be fully used to meet the needs of the growing Turkish market, while the other three are part of Gazprom’s plans to completely abandon gas supplies to Europe through Ukraine by 2019.
Unlike the South Stream project –  which was abandoned last year and which would have committed Gazprom to the construction of a major infrastructure network in the Balkans –  the Turkish Stream project only requires it to build a  pipeline under the Black Sea and a gas hub on the border between Turkey and Greece. The rest of the pipeline network is expected to  be built by Gazprom’s European customers themselves.