Turkish trucks held up at Russian border as sanctions escalate

Some 1,250 Turkish truck carrying imports destined for Russia are reported to have been  eld up at  the Russian border as Putin carries out his threat to impost sanctions in retaliation for the shooting down of a bomber over Syria last week. 
About 100 of the 800 container lorries stuck at customs at the Black Sea ports of Samsun  Novorossiysk are now looking for alternative routes to Central Asia through Azerbaijan, according to the MD of the International Association of Turkish Carriers Fatih Cenera.
The delays could be the sign of worse to come after Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich yesterday announced that Russia would be restricting  imports of Turkish fruit and vegetables as part of a package of new sanctions, although  the ban could be deferred for “several weeks” to allow Russian firms to find new suppliers and to avoid  price rises. The new measures are also set to include limits on Turkish construction firms’ ability to sign new contracts in Russia and restrictions on road transport.

Source: Rosbalt