Turkish Stream concept and costs questioned by EU Vice President

EU Vice President Maros Sefcovic

Turkish Stream  concept: The likelihood of Russian President Vladimir Putin  actually carrying out his threat of by-passing Ukraine and  building a pipeline to Europe via Turkey has been called into doubt by  EU Vice President Maros Sefcovic who is also claiming that the so-called Turkish Stream pipeline would be “too expensive”.
With Turkey and its neighbours in the region requiring 30bn m³ of gas each year, he questioned the commercial logic of building a pipeline to Turkey which the Russians are claiming would have the same 60bn m³ capacity as the South Stream pipeline that it is intended to replace. “This will not work… ” he said,  “….. I think that we will have to come back to a more rational debate on what should be the economically viable solutions for this project, and for overall gas cooperation between Gazprom and the European countries.”
He also pointed out that it was very “unusual” for a country such as Russia to communicate with its clients via the press and that none of the countries or companies involved in the South Stream project had been officially notified of the project’s cancelation. Rosbalt, EurActiv