Turkish Stream gas pipeline on agenda as Putin and Tsipras meet

Turkish Stream pipeline

The Turkish Stream gas pipeline project that would supply Europe with Russian gas through northern Greece is said to have been on the agenda at today’s meeting between President Putin Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, according to  the Interfax news agency. While Greek sources have been denying that Tsipras is intending to ask Russia for a financial bailout, he will almost certainly be repeating recent requests for a discount on gas prices, and Greece’s participation in the Turkish Stream project would both provide some measure of energy security and do Russia a big favour in  its determination to deliver its gas to Europe without transporting it across either Ukrainian or Bulgarian territory. With the EU  having exerted pressure  on Sofia to  block the extension of the South Stream pipeline over its border, the foreign ministers of Greece, Serbia, Macedonia, Hungary and Turkey have already begun talks aimed at formulating a common approach  to the Turkish Stream alternative.


Source: Kommersant