Ukrainian debt default threat unprofessional, says Putin and threatens legal action

Ukrainian debt default: The Ukrainian parliaments’s decision to give its ministers the power to suspend debt payments “shows a level of responsibility and professionalism which is apparently not high,”  Russian President Vladimir Putin said yesterday.“As far as I understand, the IMF  doesn’t provide any loans to countries that are in a situation of default or bankruptcy,” he added.
The vote  in Kiev was the latest episode in an escalating  row over a $25bn (£16bn) rescue package that has been put together by the EU and the IMF to help it pay off $25bn of debt, including a $3 billion Eurobond  held by Russia whose full repayment is due by the end of the year and  the next tranche of £75m by June. 
“If we see a violation of the commitments that Ukraine took upon itself when we invested our resources in the bonds of its government, we will request a judicial procedure in order to protect our interests,”  the Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov warned. Putin is claiming that Russia is already within in its rights to demand early repayment of the debt, but has now done so at the request of Kiev and the IMF.

Source: rt