Yota takes dual-screen smartphone to China with new distribution deal

The YotaPhone dual-screen smartphone

Yota takes dual-screen smartphone to China: Yota Devices, makers of the dual-screen YotaPhone,that has so far proved a commercial flop in Russian despite attracting a minor cult following among gadget fanatics, is to try its luck in China after securing a  distribution deal with the state-run Potevio company.
The phone has a conventional screen for calls and other common phone functions while on the flip side it sports a second, always-on display that streams social media, text messages, maps, weather and breaking news and works as a mini e-book reader. Although it has enjoyed the high-profile backing of President Vladimir Putin who was photographed handing one to Chinese Prime Minister Xi Jinping on his November trip to China, analysts and consumes have been less enthusiastic.
According to IDC,  Yota only  managed to ship  109,000 phones between October 2013 and December 2014, 55% of which were destined for Russia and 26% for Central and Eastern Europe.  “The problem with the YotaPhone is that it looks like an interesting concept,” IDC mobile analyst Francisco Jeronimo said of the dual-screen. “But when we started playing around with the latest model, we asked ourselves whether we really needed two screens.”
 Potevio  – which sold 36 million phones in China last year  – will begin sales of the new Yotaphone2 by the end of March, Yota  said on Tuesday. 25.1%  of Yota is owned by the Russian state conglomerate Rostec, while the Telconet Capital fund which is backed by Russian technology entrepreneurs owns the remaining 74.9%. Reuters, The Moscow Times