First gold ingots poured at Pakrut project in Tajikistan

Pakrut gold mine Tajikistan

The first gold ingots have been poured at Tajikistan’s Pakrut mining complex, its owners the China Nonferrous Gold (CNG) confirmed late last month.  CNG was granted  a licence to develop the Pakrut gold project 120km north-east of

the Tajik capital of Dushanbe in the Tien Shan gold belt at the beginning of 2012. The mining licence is valid until 2nd November 2030 and is expected to reach an initial processing capacity of 660,000 tons of ore per annum that is due to  increase to 1,320,000 tons from 2017. 
Overall estimated reserves at Pakrut project (under the Russian classification system) ,  total 1,257,454oz Au at a cut off grade of 0.5g/t.