Tajik oil refinery programme attracts FDI from China and Ukraine

Tajik oil refinery programme: The Ukrainian company Ukrneftemash has agreed to invest $14m in the construction of a $21m oil refinery in Tursnzade, it was announced today. The refinery will be dedicated to the production of AI-92 and AI-95 gasoline and Euro-4 diesel fuel. The development comes three months after Tajikistan’s parliament ratified an investment agreement between Tajikistan and China’s Dong Ying Heli Investment and Development Co. Ltd for  the construction of an oil refinery in the Danghara Free Economic Zone (FEZ) in Tajikistan. The Chinese company has set up  agreements with its partners in Afghanistan, Kazakhstan and Russia for the delivery of crude oil to the new refinery, which will produce  the Euro-3 standard gasoline and diesel fuel. The $480m refinery is to be built in two stages that will eventually take its annual capacity up to 1.2m tons. Tajikistan currently mainly relies on Russian imports to meet domestic demand for fuel. Times of Central Asia