Tajikistan gas transit revenues estimated at $3.5bn

Tajikistan gas transit revenues: Tajikistan could earn as much as $3.5 billion from the Central Asia-China gas pipeline which will be laid on its sovereign territory, according to Tajiktransgaz chairman Saidakhmad Shamsiddinzoda. “A Tajik-Chinese joint venture, the  Trans-Tajik Gas Pipeline Company,  has been established for the project’s implementation, with each side contributing $300 million to the company,”  he told the Tajik parliament on Tuesday.

“For this purpose, Tajikistan has obtained a $300 million loan from Hong Kong for 26 years at 2.7% per annum.“The Tajik government’s interest in the project is the tax revenue it will generate and the new jobs it will create.” The JV was expected to achieve overall  revenues of $15 billion over the next 32 years, with Tajikistan receiving $1 billion in taxes plus $2.5 billion in dividends,” he said. Construction is due to start next April 2015 and will create more than 3,000 new jobs. Times Central Asia