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[pextestim name=”Mike Baker” img=”https://businessinvestorguide.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/mikebaker.jpg” occup=”CEO” org=”Outdoor Media Centre” link=”http://www.outdoormediacentre.org.uk/”]

Steve wrote and produced a short video called Signs for the Outdoor Media Centre. This shows the importance of signage in human communication and by extension the role of poster advertising.

Working from a loose brief, Steve interpreted the piece brilliantly. The final version, being shorter for web reasons, does not fully do justice to the intelligence and humour of the whole. Nevertheless, when we premiered it at our launch, it drew applause from the normally cynical outdoor and planning audience. Many observers have commented very favourably on it since, and it has achieved everything we hoped of it.”


[pextestim name=”David Woodward” img=”https://businessinvestorguide.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/dwprofile.jpg” occup=”CEO” org=”International Investment Guide”]IIG is an international news agency that produces investment reports for some of the world’s best-known media such as Fortune and National Geographic Magazine. Steve Macvicar is an articulate, versatile hard working and extremely talented writer and editor who has worked with us for the last ten years. During this period he has produced excellent articles covering a wide range of industries and themes, profiling corporate clients and government bodies from emerging countries around the world in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa.” [/pextestim]