Iran proposes Caspian Sea Free Economic Zone Council

Caspian Sea Map

Iran proposes Caspian Sea Free Economic Zone Council: Reza Masoor, Director General of  Iran’s Anzali Fee Economic Zone this week called on the five Caspian Sea countries to to create a Cooperation Council to establish preferential trade regimes between themselves. The Council would contribute to the development of economic relations between Iran, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Russia, he said. “Preferential trade will be possible between the countries after signing such an agreement,” he said. “We hope that the relevant organisations in the five countries will discuss this proposal.’ He also emphasised the importance of expansion of cooperation between the ports on the coast of the Caspian Sea pointing out that  while goods were  mainly imported into Iran through the port of Shahid Rajai, studies suggested that it would  be cheaper if the China-Kazakhstan-Iran corridor were used instead. TREND