Turkey looks to boost trade with Russia to $100bn after Erdogan apologises

Erdogan apologises: Turkey hopes to increase annual trade with Russia to $100bn, its Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said yesterday, highlighting Ankara’s hopes that President Erdogan’s apology for the shooting down of a Russian fighter jet last November and his offer to look at compensation will help normalise relations between the two countries.
“We have all the necessary capabilities and the potential to work together to bring this figure up to $100bn as our economies are complementary,”  he claims in an interview with Kommersant. “I am convinced that both sides have to do the necessary framework, economic, social and cultural background.”
His remarks were made after Putin instructed his government to look at  lifting  the ban on Russian charter flights to Turkey, and  “to negotiate with the Government of the Republic of Turkey on the issues of foreign economic relations between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Turkey.”

Source: Interfax