Turkish Stream #2 gets sign-off

Gazprom and Switzerland’s Allseas are reported to have signed an agreement for the construction of a second, 900km Turkish Stream pipeline running from its Siberian gas fields along the the bed of the Black Sea to Turkey.
The two companies signed an agreement for a first pipeline between Russia and Turkey last October, with the transported gas destined for domestic use, and the new pipeline is expected to be used for the export of gas to Europe, possibly by means of its extension into Greece, which could be funded by the EU, according to the chairman of the International Association of Energy Economy (IAEE)  Professor Gürkan Kumbaroglu.
 “The agreement for the second pipeline is not only good news for Russia and Turkey but also for Greece and the Balkan countries,” he said. “It will reinforce Turkey’s hand in energy trading because the first hub was directed for the domestic market.” Turkey should also  engage in diplomacy with southeastern European countries and adopt an active political approach with regard to the sections of the pipeline that are not located within Turkey’s borders, he added.

Source: dailysabah