Freight forwarders fear Brexit may impact on Heathrow airport expansion

Heathrow airport expansion: The UK freight forwarding industry yesterday voiced concerns that last week’s vote for the UK  to leave the EU could lead to further delays to the proposed $25bn project to expand capacity at Heathrow Airport, the country’s largest air cargo hub.
The UK government was expected to make a decision early next month on whether to back a new runway at either Heathrow or Gatwick, but that timing is now in doubt, with British International Freight Association  (BIFA) Director General Robert Keen  voicing doubts that the vote and the resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron could lead to further procrastination over the expansion of the UK’s aviation capacity. “With last week’s development, we are now entering a period of great uncertainty on the political front, and BIFA members are worried that [this] will result in big decisions being postponed or abandoned completely,” he said.
In a letter published in yesterday’s edition of The Times newspaper, more than 50 business leaders  also urged the outgoing Prime Minister to give the go-ahead for the Heathrow option and to “send a message to the world that Britain remains open for business.”

Source: joc