Gazprom cuts private sector Turkish gas supplies by 10% over price dispute

Turkish gas: Russian energy giant Gazprom has reduced natural gas supplies to private sector companies in Turkey by 10%  due to a price dispute, officials at Turkey’s energy ministry told Reuters on Thursday. The cut came after Turkish companies refused to pay a new bill sent out by Gazprom with higher prices after an initial deal between Ankara and Moscow envisaging a 10.25% percent reduction in prices was canceled. Six private Turkish companies buy a total of 10bcm of natural gas from Russia each year.
 Turkey is dependent on Russia for more than half of its natural gas imports but the two countries have been at loggerheads since November when Ankara shot  down a Russian warplane along the Turkey-Syria border claiming it violated its air space. Turkey has not asked for additional supplies from elsewhere, an industry source said, as demand at the moment remained low due to warm weather. “At the moment there are no problems in terms of meeting the gas demand,” he said.
Interfax news agency said the cut come into effect on February 10.

Source: AKIpress