Kazakhstan to increase Silk Road container capacity tenfold by 2020

Kazakhstan has signed up to increase the volume of container shipments that it processes  on the new Silk Road between China and Europe  from a current yearly total of 70,000 this year to 800,000 by the end of the decade,  the  Minister of Investment and Development Zhenis Kassymbek announced last week.
“All our projects, plans in logistics and the transport field fully correlate and correspond with the Silk Road Economic Belt programme and create favourable conditions on developing transcontinental international corridors,” he said. The motorway between Almaty and Shu was being expanded to deal with an increase in road haulage and a new ferry terminal at Kuryk was already under construction, he added.
Kazakhstan will focus on transit containerisation with the 129.8-ha Khorgos Gateway multimodal dry port key to its capacity to tranship cargo from China’s and Kazakhstan’s different  sized rail gauges and to load and unload trucks into container trains.