Shtorm super-carrier to be unveiled at St Petersburg Defence Show in July

Shtorm super-carrier

Shtorm super-carrier: Russia’s Krylovsky State Research Center (KRSC) has developed the design for  a new multipurpose heavy aircraft carrier, it revealed last week. Known as both Project 23000E and Shtorm, a scale model of the ship is going to be put on show  for the first time at the International Maritime Defence Show 2015 in St Petersburg in the first week of July, according to KRSC’s Deputy Director, Valery Polyakov.
“The Project 23000E multipurpose aircraft carrier is designed to conduct operations in remote and oceanic areas, engage land-based and sea-borne enemy targets, ensure the operational stability of naval forces, protect landing troops, and provide the anti-aircraft defence,” Polyakov he told Jane’s.
The super-carrier will have a displacement of 90-100,000 tons, will be 330 m in length and 40m wide with a top speed of 30 kt, a cruising speed of 20 kt, a 120-day endurance and  a crew of 4-5,000. It has been designed to carry 80-90 deck-based aircraft including navalised T-50 PAKFAs and MiG-29Ks, as well as jet-powered naval early warning aircraft, and Ka-27 naval helicopters.

Source: janes