Uzbekistan privatisation programme kicks off with $12.4bn in FDI

Ferghana Azot fertilizer plant, Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan privatisation: Over 100 deals worth a total of $12.4bn were set up at last week’s International Investment forum in Tashkent, according to Uzbekistan’s Deputy Prime Minister Rustam Azimov, after the country announced plans to privatize more than 1,200 companies. Representatives from  560 companies from 33 countries joined institutional investors,  the World Bank, the IFC and the ADB at the forum to watch a series of presentations about investment opportunities in the energy, mechanical engineering, ICT, FMCG and tourism sectors.
Although Azimov declined to provide further details, he told the audience at one of the forum’s earlier session that stakes in 68 companies would initially be put for sale, including in cement manufacturer Kizylkum Cement, chemical producer Ferghana Azot and the Foton electronics plant.