Uzbekistan Railways unveils plans for $800m upgrade programme

Uzbekistan Railways plans  to spend $800m on the implementation of 28 projects this year, it announced this weekend. The projects include the  completion  of the  Angren-Pap line; the upgrade of the Samarkand-Bukhara line to accommodate high-speed trains; the construction of a new line between Navoi and Misken via Kanimekhand; the electrification of the Karshi-Termez line; and the purchase of new passenger trains.
The investment is more or less a repeat of last year, when $755m was spent on 17 projects. Over the past 15 years,  1,200 km of new railways  have been laid, 3,800 km of steel tracks upgraded and about 1,100 km were electrified, according to a report from the state-run organisation.

Source: AKIpress